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It doesn't get ANY bigger than this! This may be the greatest weekend for a football fan ALL YEAR LONG! Bama vs. Oklahoma and Clemson vs. Notre Dame in the college football playoff Saturday Night and a full slate of NFL football with so much still at stake and undecided for the playoff picture. No need to worry, we are here to tell you what to look for and maybe who to root for, depending on your fandom. Heeeeeeeeeeere we goooo!

1st thing's first, we look at the college football slate on Saturday:

Florida Gators take on the Michigan Wolverines in the Peach Bowl Saturday at noon. No, this isn't a playoff game, but what a way to kick off the weekend. These two teams are loaded on the defensive side, so expect a low scoring slobber-knocker. UF has more to play for, but Michigan has owned the Gators in this series.

Prediction: Dan Mullen gets it done in Dixie UF 17 Michigan 14

4pmET Clemson vs. Notre Dame:

The 1st of a college playoff double header on Saturday. Clemson is loaded. Possibly the best defense in America. Notre Dame boasts a really good defense of their own and the play of QB Ian Book. Clemson was hit with some crucial suspensions this week, but the Tigers are deep and athletic.

Prediction: Tigers stifle the Irish 27-14 and advance to the National Title game again.

8pmET OU vs. Bama:

All eyes are on the two Heisman finalist QB's Kyler Murray (1st) of Oklahoma and Tua Tagovailoa (2nd), for good reason too. Both are exciting and electric. But realiy is, defense wins championships and OU has none. In a gritty up and down game Bama makes a few more stops and OU's D is exposed.

Prediction: BAMA 52 OU 37

On to the NFL. These many different scenarios are very confusing, so let us simplify this to what is at stake and who you are pulling for:


Titan fans - WIN AND YOU'RE IN! Also at stake, a possible division title and maybe even a bye?! Titans need Jacksonville to upset the Texans and Baltimore + New England to losses to grab a 1st round bye, or just a Texans loss for the division title. Tennessee MUST win or they are out.

Colts Fans - WIN AND YOU'RE IN! Also at stake, a possible division title. Colts need Texans and Baltimore losses to grab the division title. COLTS MUST win or they are out.

Steelers Fans - Win or tie and BLT loses = division champs. Win and Colts-Titans tie = wildcard.

Chargers Fans - Win and KC loses = #1 seed. Anything else, #5 seed.

KC fans - Lose and LA Ch wins = #5 seed. Win = #1 seed. Lose and Chargers lose, KC could be anywhere from a #1 to a #3 seed depending on Patriots and Texans games.

Patriots Fans - Win and they get a bye. If the Chiefs and Chargers also lose, they get the #1 seed. If they lose there are several scenarios that could make them a #2 - #4 seed.

Ravens Fans - Win = Division title, lose and they would need a lot of help to get in. Also up for stakes could be a bye if N.E. & Houston loses they get the #2 seed.

Texans Fans - Win and the division title is theirs and a bye would also be in play if New England loses.


Saint fans - You're all set as the #1 seed. Rest your guys and enjoy the chaos.

Rams fans - Win = a bye. Lose and the Bears win, they'll be the #3 seed.

Bears fans - Win and Rams lose, they earn a bye and the #2 seed.

Cowboys fans - Locked in to the #4 seed. Only drama is who they play. Seattle loss and Vikings win would mean the Cowboys play Minnesota. Anything else = Dallas vs. Seattle in the first round.

Seahawks fans - Win and they are the #5, lose and Minnesota wins are Seattle is the #6. At Dallas or at LA; pick your poison.

Vikings fans - Win and you're in. Lose and you need the Eagles to lose.

Eagles fans - Win and hope for a Viking loss.



1. KC.

2. New England

3. Houston

4. Baltimore

5. Chargers

6. Titans

*We get two rematches in the 1st weekend of the playoffs on the AFC side.*


1. Saints

2. Rams

3. Bears

4. Cowboys

5. Seattle

6. Eagles

*Shockingly Nick Foles and the Eagles slip back into the playoffs.*

Enjoy the weekend y'all!

We'll miss weekends like this in mid February when all we have is NBA- All Star games to watch and are Jones-ing for March Madness, TPC and Opening Day.


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