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5 MLB Story Lines To Watch!

We are just 3 weeks into the 2018 MLB season, but it’s as good a time as any to overreact 😃. The view from the Cheap Seats is looking at the 5 big stories thus far. A lot of baseball to go, but here’s a look at what you might be missing.

5. Postponed games:

Last year, all of 2017, there were 26 games postponed because of inclement weather. As of this morning, just 3 weeks into the season, the number is already at 27! Some want to blame a season that started a few days early on March 29th. The truth behind the numbers is more so from the very long winter we’ve experienced throughout the country. Climate change is real, and maybe adjusting the schedule is the answer. Start the season the Monday after the Masters, go back to the traditional 154 (currently at 162 game) and schedule some day/night doubleheaders in the summer. 2 a month from May-August would end the season in mid September. Putting the World Series at an end by Mid-October. No more ski masks on the field in March and November.

4. The New York Yankees do NOT have a winning record? The high dollar $$$$ Giancarlo Stanton trade and the fact they took the eventual World Series Champs to a game 7 in the ALCS would make one think the Bronx Bombers would’ve game out of the gate like a bat out of hell. No such luck. NY is 8-8 and 6 back of their rival Boston Redsox. Too many strikeouts in that lineup, and an average starting rotation at best, has put a lot of pressure on the twin towers to produce in bunches. Expect them to rebound soon, but help is needed via trade if that rotation is going to make a dent into the 2018 postseason.

3. We already have a firing. The Cincinnati Reds let manager Bryan Price go Wednesday night. 3-15 and losing 10 fo the last 11 led to that. He was thrown under the bus by the front office which has done a TERRIBLE job rebuilding the Reds. Price took over a team 4+ years ago that was on the way down. This roster is still arguably the worst in baseball. Only the dismantled Marlins and Rays can compete with the ineptitude in Cincinnati. Joey Votto officially has his thumb out and his eye hunting for a ride out of town. And why pick up Price’s option last September to just release him 18 games in? THERE IS NO PITCHING in the Queen City! A scapegoat indeed.

2. Boston Redsox:

15-2?!!!!! Whoa. This team might be on their way to the division and much more. They blasted phenom Ohtani and the Angels out of their own building this week. Mookie Betts has a 3 home

run game under his belt. Sale, Price, Porcello, E-Rod and here comes Pomeranz off the DL. It’s why I picked the Redsox to win the AL East. The rest of the division can’t hang with that kind of rotation.

1. Atlanta Braves:

We’ll await the news on Freddie Freeman before we go nuts, bur the Bravos are exceeding expectations in a big way! Atlanta is in 2nd place and host the Mets this weekend in Sun-Trust Park. The offense is obliterating good pitching and top MLB prospect Ronald Acuna hasn’t even broke into the bigs yet. If Freddie can dodge a long stint on the DL, the Braves may have folks all throughout the south glued to their games well into football season.

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