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View from the Cheap Seats


Leading Off:

On April 24th, 2017 the view from the Cheap Seats begins in Bristol, Connecticut. Aaron Hernandez, born and raised there, committed suicide in his jail cell early Wednesday morning. It was just days after, because of a legal technicality, he was acquitted of two murders. He was still facing a life sentence for another murder (Odin Lloyd). Since, the suicide, it has been uncovered that Hernandez murdered Lloyd because he was privy to the fact that Aaron Hernandez was bisexual. The motivation to the killing had previously eluded police. Bristol, Connecticut is also the home of the 'world wide leader in sports'- ESPN, and AAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL week they've been crying a river for the 'tragic death of Aaron Hernandez'. I think I can speak for all of the ArmChair Nation when I say, KISS MY ASS ESPN. We sit here repeatedly, and watch you force-feed your bleeding-heart agenda on all walks of the sports world, but this is the epitome of Enough-Is-Enough! Hernandez is a murderer; a borderline serial killer. All because he couldn't come to grips with his own sexuality? Pathetic excuse for a human. Please forgive all normal law abiding Americans, if we don't shed a tear for this despicable low-life. Instead, we raise a glass and toast the fact a man that murdered multiple people, won't live out a long life on the taxpayers' dime. Rounding First: Warren Sapp has been quoted as saying NO on DE Myles Garrett out of Texas A&M as the very first pick in this week's NFL Draft.

His point is valid. When you draft a guy 1st overall, he should be a dominating force. Yet, when you look at his collegiate career, Garrett never had that kind of effect on the field. He never even had that game where he took over and led his team to a big victory. Cleveland should either trade down, or take DL Jonathan Allen. Maybe CB Marshon Lattimore. Whoever it is, at number one, it HAS to be a franchise cornerstone. Digging for third: Fear not Lebron fans. Cavs go 4-0 in the first round and are well on their way to another NBA finals. Golden State too. Wake us come the conference finals, but both teams appear to be on cruise control until then.

The NHL playoffs have their first big out. We watched the Nashville Predators slay the dragon. The #1 seed Chicago Blackhawks were swept out of the playoffs. A wide open tournament, the second round should bring a lot of excitement. If you're not watching, fix that problem. The regular season is long and pointless, but the playoffs more make up for it. Head-first slide: Bush League move Redsox. This weekend Baltimore's Manny Machado slid into 2nd and banged into Boston's Dustin Pedroia. Clean play. CLEAN PLAY!

Sunday Boston Redsox reliever Matt Barnes threw at Machado's head. He apologized and said he didn't mean to throw at his head, but that was a serious mistake. The man could have been seriously injured. The Braves are a hot mess. After going undefeated in their brand-new park the first weekend, the Atlanta has now dropped 6 straight. They have a competitive offense, but the bullpen gives up too many runs. Starting pitching has been respectable, but they can't go 9 innings each night. Vizcaino, Johnson and company have to throw out some goose eggs on the board. The defense needs to do its job too. Some of the relief issues stem from the fact they're throwing extra pitches, because the innings aren't ending when they should. This week sends Atlanta to New York and Milwaukee for 6 games. 3-3 would be great, but at this point, the Braves are just looking for a W. The St. Louis Cardinals are now just shy of the division lead. A focal point on last week's show, we said this week was pivotal. They needed a good week, after stumbling out of the gates 3-9. I'd say 6-1 in your own division is just what the doctor ordered. This week sees St. Louis with 6 home games versus Toronto and Cincinnati. Let the good times roll! The Cubs are starting to shake off the World Series hangover, and are looking to build on this past week. Chicago went 4-2, and Jason Heyward is hitting above .250. This week has the Cubs in Pittsburgh for three, as well as Boston. That Cubs-Sox series is MUST-SEE-TV this weekend. DO NOT MISS IT! (A possible World Series preview). Curtain Call:

Nats are hot, but no real closer is a concern Underdogs that you can root for: Baltimore, Baby-Bombers (NYY), Reds, Rockies and Diamondbacks are all at the too of their divisions. The Astros might run away and hide if Texas and Seattle don't wake up.

Chris Sale's microscopic era is being wasted by Boston's lack of run support.

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