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T.O. HOF Worthy

Terrell Owens not being elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame is absurd. That's putting it mildly. His statistics speak for themselves: 6 time pro-bowler 5 time all-pro 3 time NFL receiving TD leader Over 1,000 receptions Over 15,000 yards 153 Td's The 2016 HOF class was released, and Mr. Owens was left off. This was just simple revenge from the media. T.O. belongs in, but he's being punished for being a distraction in the locker room. That have nothing to do with his NFL career. T.O. was infamous for drama that followed him around his whole career. A fallout with QB Jeff Garcia, accusing him of being gay, while teammates in San Francisco. Donovan McNabb and T.O. had a long public feud while Eagle teammates too. When joining the Dallas Cowboys, it was no secret that legendary coach Bill Parcells did not want T.O. on the team. Regardless, T.O. performed every Sunday. I've made it no secret that I'm not a Cam Newton fan, but if that stats stack-up, HE should be in the HOF at career's end too. Wide receivers, by nature and position, are prima donnas. The whole objective of their position is to be selfish and want 'The Damn Ball'- Keyshawn Johnson. From Biletnikoff to Steve Smith, they'll always 'be open'. If you don't have a receiver chirping for the ball, he probably doesn't want to win. Next year his name will come up again. There's only one thing to do: Put T.O. in the HOF NFL. He's deserving and he's wiiiiiiiiiiide open. I, for one, am selfish. I want to see his induction speech. I got my popcorn ready, how bout y'all?

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