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The Cheap Seats: Our Dirty Dozen

It's that time of year for the ArmChair QuarterBack's dirty dozen: The 13 things we are sick-and-tired of in the world of sports.

13. First Take.

The yelling and screaming over the same 5 topics, no matter the time of year, has gotten VERY old. Don't think so?

Dallas Cowboys, LeBron, Chip Kelly, the Spurs and Tiger Woods. That's every episode since 2013. We all know it is just fluff for the dumbest of fans, but we're out of patience. Oh, and since you are a 'sports show', can you please learn a little MLB, NASCAR, college baseball, NHL or college football? You know, the sports that matter outside of Bristol, CT.

12. Hack-a-whoever. The NBA has gone downhill. This is a well-known fact. Defense has been outlawed, and it has turned into a 3 point chucking contest. Golden State only exists because hand-checks from Craig Ehlo and Bruce Bowen don't. So, hack-a-whoever began. It was the only way to play D. Some say have intentional fouls, before the last 3 minutes of the game, should be punished by the ball and the foul. Maybe. Going back to REAL NBA defense would solve it as well.

11. Sports Schedule that don't make sense:

There is never anything good on a Friday night, especially in the fall. We are looking right at you NASCAR. Why try and compete with college football on Saturdays, and the NFL on Sundays? Those two rule the roost on the weekends in the fall. Friday night NASCAR would be a perfect way to kick start your weekends down south. Let the truck and minor league races have the Saturday/Sunday television schedules. Nobody is watching it anyways. Own Fridays, and you could own a piece of a lot much larger pie, and nothing is cooler than seeing sparks fly under the lights.

July and August are a dead zone. So, why in the hell is hockey not stretching the end of their season out past the NBA's? It makes no sense. They could have the entire month of July to themselves building up to the Stanley Cup. That is how you game sports fans. It is the time of year where the dog days of summer have only baseball games to watch. So diehard baseball friends will watch, every fan is still looking for a championship tournament to follow. Make it happen NHL. Just begin your season in December. It would be a perfect fit, and a larger audience.

To all the sports that get forgotten, pay attention:

Soccer, you want fans? Have your championship of the MLS in early August. It's a perfect fit. World Cup won't be relevant until it's played yearly. So, that's a pointless argument the rest of the world won't adapt to.

Tennis; nobody gives a damn about the U.S. Open when you play it during the first weekend of football. Idiots. Two weeks earlier, and the stage is all yours.

AND TO College football go to 8 teams in the playoffs, already! 5 major conferences = 5 automatic bids + 3 at larges. Boom. Enough said. NEXT!

10. Michael Wilbon:

Let it Go! Not everything, especially in the world of sports, has to be a race war, unless you're Michael Wilbon.

I for one, find him very entertaining and knowledgeable about most things sports. But, most of America has tired from your same old schtick. Every decision made in sports can't be because of old racist ways from 60 years ago. Those days are gone, and thankfully they are. Most sports fans, nowadays, turn on ESPN to escape the depressing news from around the world. We do not turn it on, to watch him get on a soap box, and beat the race agenda to death. LET IT GO! Enough with the hatred of the Chip Kelly's of the world. How in the hell is letting LeSean McCoy go racist, when you bring in DeMarrco Murray? It may be dumb as all get-out, but it's not a race issue.

9. Is it a Catch:

Is it a catch, or is it not to catch, that is the question. We are so sick and tired of catches in the NFL being overruled because of silly technicalities. If it is a catch to the naked eye of the fan, then it should be a catch on the field. We don't want to hear about 'football moves' or if the field aided the catch or not. Go back to the original rules; two feet in and the ball not touching the ground. KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. Dez Bryant and Cowboy Nation would still agree.

8. ESPN AgendaWe're not stupid ESPN. Just a heads up. We know that the NBA > MLB is a lie. Major League Baseball is the most popular sport in America not called football. MLB fans are much more loyal too. Think about that the next time you're slamming it because you don't have the broadcasting rights to their playoffs. There's only so much we listen to on ESPN Radio and Sportscenter from February-August about what LeBron is doing.

The SEC Network has also polluted the ESPN airwaves. I can remember when Charles Woodson won the Heisman Trophy because of ESPN's coverage being much more favorable to him over Peyton Manning. That was also when ESPN did not televise the SEC. Just like now, it's all propaganda. Though the SEC is an outstanding conference, they are not the only kids on the block. The ACC was just one failed on sidekick this year from winning two of the last three national championships. Ohio State in the Big Ten or also set to take the sport by storm. The big 12 is definitely a powerhouse in the Pac 12 though good now, will be even better now that USC is off of sanctions. Fair coverage is all we ask. There are great teams throughout the land no matter what conference they play in.

7. Ticky-tack calls in football. Football is violent. Always has been. Making it safer for players is great. Checking for symptoms of concussions to prevent CTE is great to see. Over sensitive rules on the other hand, are ruining the game. A good solid hit is what football is all about. Every solid hit can't be flagged. We're losing our beloved game.

6. Enough with the Tiger Woods talk before every major. This is 2016 NOT 2008, his last major win. That's right 8 years, and all that ESPN and others rattle on about is Tiger.

BREAKING NEWS: Golf is in it's golden era. Not since The Bear and Arnold's Army has the PGA seen this deep of a talent pool. Jason Day, Jordan Speith, Rickie

5. The DH:

Give it a rest non-baseball folks. The DH and non-DH in both leagues makes the game unique. AL fans love it and NL fans hate it. The game is great as it is and the numbers prove it. What does need to happen, is interleague play needs to go away. Only meeting in the World Series gave the sport an aura all its own. Let the DH and no DH be. It's the only thing that still makes the two leagues seperate.

4. Paying College Athletes:

3. NBA and NHL Regular Season:

It is way too long, or there are too many playoff teams. 16 teams make the playoffs in both leagues, so why do we need 7 months of regular seasons? Drop the teams or the number of games and we might watch. Nobody watches hockey and the NBA is down over 7% in viewership from just last year. Hell, half the league misses half the games all throughout the year for 'rest'.

MLB gets it right. Sure, 162 games could be shave a bit, but the fact only division winners and 2 wild cards get into the playoffs make the season important. When you add that nobody wants to be a wildcard, because the play-in game is so dangerous. That's why MLB regular season is 'must see-TV', and the NBA and NHL is 'we'll see ya at the conference finals'.


We stopped watching years ago. These so-called 'sports' that are mostly invented, so these failed athletes can still live out a dream are boring and pathetic. I'm not sure when the X games are regularly on, and refuse to learn. That's like learning the teams of the WNBA. Something important might fall out of my memory if I learn worthless facts like that. If you want to ski or skate do it in the Olympics. Not good enough to make the Olympics? Take one of the scholarships that those knuckleheads at Northwestern don't appreciate. Not good enough for college sports? Get a job hippie and stop trying to make us think that riding a skateboard or a snowboard is a professional endeavor. It's a hobby to pass the time like roller-skating or croquet.

Last, but not least;

1. Johnny Manziel. You are a first-class jackass. Given the world with a silver spoon and you still find a way to screw it up. Over and over again. Forgive your average fan if we don't have sympathy for an overpaid athlete that can't focus on his 4-5 month a year job. We have full time jobs that drain our energy every day. Spending more of it on a punk that self destructs around every corner is not an option or appetizing. Check yourself into rehab, or don't. Bye Felicia; WE NO LONGER GIVE A DAMN!

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