• Mac Magee

Dear, Cam You're a Jackass

“I’ve said this since Day One, I’m an African-American quarterback that scares people because they haven’t seen nothing that they can compare me to.”--Cam Newton

Dear Cam You're a Jackass, America doesn't hate you because of any other reason! Getting a 'Dab' per first down, posing for fake team pictures on the sidelines during a LIVE game and Super Man poses after every TD (no matter the score) has nothing to do with race. It's just measuring his lack if class. Flamboyant athletes have been around since the days of Babe Ruth's called shot, Muhammad Ali's rhymes, Joe Namath's Super Bowl prediction and Billie 'White Shoes' Johnson's end zone dances. All colorful figures from all walks of life. The difference was the way they did it. Nobody wants to see celebrations at nauseam.

That's why the Ickey-Shuffle and Dirty-Bird were short lived. The Deion Sanders high-step was usually in a big spot and heading into the end zone.

You have to keep it fresh to keep us entertained. T.O.'s popcorn-to-pompoms-to-sharpie in the sock was creative with every new celebration, Joe Horn's goal post hidden cell-phone and OBJ's sprinter finish line all make us laugh. They're fun. They're new and we don't get a nasty taste in our mouth, like Cam's antics, because the celebrations don't wreak of showing up your opponent. They just felt like light-hearted humor. Cam's 'Dabs' smell bad. It's like an NBA dufus screaming after making an 'and-one' lay in with 6:45 left in the second quarter while down or up twelve in December. It's more of the same when there's a bat flip in the 4th inning or a fist pump after par on the 2nd hole on Friday. Stop. Just stop. We've had enough. Sports is supposed to involve sportsmanship. Good honest competition against a worthy foe. Win, lose or draw in Super Bowl 50, take a page from number 18's playbook and show some class. If you throw a TD, celebrate within reason. Like Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders and Joe Montana, just hand the ball to the ref. Act like you've been there before, and expect to be again.

With all of this being said, Cam Newton is a very good, soon to be great, quarterback. These antics are over-shadowing his incredible play. I for one hope he grows up and becomes a better role model for all. Sportsmanship is what these games are ALL about. Not humiliating your opponent. Cam is the only one he is embarrassing. P.S.

For all of short term memory loss victims out there that want to point to how great a humanitarian Cam Newton is for giving fans a ball after TD's, this is the same Cam Newton that was kicked off the University of Florida football team for theft and was highly suspected to have have taken tons of money to go to Auburn. That's right;

Aaron Hernandez, Riley Cooper and several others were not big enough jackasses to get released by Urban Meyer and that infamous degenerate Gator era, but Cam Newton was.

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