• Mac Magee

Manning vs. Brady: The Final Chapter

Peyton Manning takes on Tom Brady ONE LAST TIME. I am not going to go over meaning-less stats. The 'this guy has this record in this city, and this guy has this record in the playoffs'. Like I said meaning-less. The fact remains this is a new game, and it's winner take all. One more trip to the Super Bowl on the line. You never know, it might be their last.

This rivalry is actually bigger than any one Super Bowl. This is the rivalry that truly transcends competition. Mano y Mano, and a final duel in the Denver sun to write the final chapter. This is more than just wins and losses.

This is end of a story that has been told over the span of

more than a decade of blood and sweat. Two men that eye each other from across the field and perverbial Mount Rushmore of legendary quarterbacks. Each win, each championship, each round is deciding this career-lasting all-out prize fight.

If Tom Brady wins Sunday Afternoon:

He'll be heading to his 7th Super Bowl. 4 Titles, already, Brady will be going for one for the thumb! Unprecedented. Yes a win for Brady will end any arguemnet of who is the greatest QB of all time. For the record, the man has already sewn that up. What he has accomplished with so little talent surrounding him through-out his career, is down right baffling.

If Peyton Manning wins Sunday Afternoon:

He will be heading to his fourth Super Bowl in chase of his second title. He will all but have erased the misconception that he simply is second fiddle to Tom Brady. It would be a perfect way for the old veteran to ride off into the sunset. Finally, the shackles of overly critical talking heads, would be shedded for good. Peyton Manning is one of the greatest QB's of all-time. Anybody that says any different or deragatory, just doesn't get it. When the greatest of all time play head-to-head, losers and winners are often seperated by minor details on both sides of the ball.

When folks think about the great sports rivalries of all time, Manning vs. Brady will stack at t he top of the pile. What makes this one special is that both guys were always on contenders and in each other's way. It Bird vs. Magic-esque in that way. It truly has been like two heavy weight fighters constanly meeting for the belt. Today, don't stack these guys wins and losses up against each other. Don't kowtow the winner and ridicule the loser. instead, do yourself a favor; savor every snap and watch two field generals put their magic show back into the lights one last time, as they push the sun back up into the sky, one last time.

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