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Vigilante Justice

"It's not going to be anything as far as cheap or anything," Stewart said "We are going to get them between the lines, between the whistles. So, I mean, he is going to be sore after the game. That's how I see it, man he comes out on the screen he better not come at (me). I'm cutting him that's where I'm at with it." That was Denver safety Darian Stewart referring to this weekend's playoff showdown between Denver and Pittsburgh. A few weeks ago, in a a home loss to Pittsburgh, his teammate David Burton Jr. was leveled on a late hit by Center Cody Wallace. The question now remains in pro sports: a. When is vigilante justice warranted? b. When is it that 'enough is enough'

The NBA and NHL have bent over backwards to rid themselves of the contant images of the brawls that littered the sports in the 1970s and 1980s. Both leagues, NBA first with the early 90 Jordan rules, and NHL to follow, have become a tamer version of themselves.

Sure, fights still occur, but punishments are now given out to prevent the retaliation. In the NBA, players leaving the bench, are automatically ejected and usually suspended. The NHL has also gotten much tougher on suspensions and fines to prevent all-out-brawls and change the culture of the game.

Major League Baseball is still the only game that polices itself. Hang over the plate or taunt a pitcher with a home run trot, and get hard one high and tight. Go after a guy for no reason, and the mound gets charged. Intimidation is still what commands the strike zone, one way or the other. It is here to stay in Major League Baseball. Fine and suspend all you want, the MLB clubhouse code will ALWAYS prevail: All for one and one for all. And you better have your brother's back!

The NFL is still raising fines for late hits and targeting shots. It is still in the middle, somewhere, of not allowing late hits and yet ignoring pregame threats.

The vigilante justice is as American as our games themselves. We thirst for the violence, especially when there is a sense of right and wrong to it. It's like watching an old western. When our hero in the white hat rides in and takes on the bully, we cheer. We jump to our feet and praise the bravado. Beers are lifted and cheered with our brethren. In fact, the vigialantes are what adds to these great tales. With-out the stare-downs and brush backs, what are we left with?........ Golf. Though that has its place, but we flock to the stadiums for much more.

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